Watch Dr. Dean Forman’s Interview on The Mark Haney Show

Mark Haney is a successful entrepreneur in Northern California committed to helping others confront the challenges and embrace the opportunities of entrepreneurship. On his show, Mark has interviewed California’s most notable billionaires, millionaires, and start-up founders. Dr. Forman joined Mark to talk about why and how he launched John Adams Academy, what has been accomplishedContinue reading “Watch Dr. Dean Forman’s Interview on The Mark Haney Show”

A Twenty-First Century Renaissance

One day a little boy arrived at school, grabbed his crayons, and began thinking of all the things he could draw. The teacher asked him to pause and then said, “Today we will be drawing flowers.” Enthused, the boy thought of all the types of flowers there were. Just as he was about to beginContinue reading “A Twenty-First Century Renaissance”