L. Dean Forman

Husband, father, grandfather.



Classical Education Founder.

How a father, citizen, and financial advisor turned to education as the ultimate answer.

Shocked one day when he learned about the actual culture in his daughter’s high school, he ran for the local school board in 2000 and served for four years, then later was appointed to his community’s charter school board for two years. As an educational philanthropist and public servant in California education, Dean was recognized as an expert who deeply understood the issues, challenges, and realities of what is needed to effectively reform American public education. Informed and inspired by America’s unique role in classical educational ideas he founded John Adams Academy in 2010, a charter school focused on Restoring America’s Heritage by Developing Servant Leaders.

John Adams Academy, Lincoln Campus in Lincoln, California

In 1979 Dean went to Brazil for two years as a missionary for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and speaks fluent Portuguese. His undergraduate degree is in financial planning. Dean is a Certified Employee Benefit Specialist (CEBS) and a Certified Financial Planner (CFP); he holds a Masters Degree in Retirement & Estate Planning and a Ph.D. in Constitutional Law and Philosophy. His emeritus occupation is a benefits and financial consultant.

In 2012 the Freedom Foundation recognized Dr. Forman for his efforts in founding John Adams Academy with the George Washington Honor Medal in 2012. In 2013 he was also honored with the Distinguished Service Award from the BYU Alumni Association. He mentors at the academy, is a frequent lecturer and has authored academic articles on the principles of risk management, independence, finance and freedom in America.

Dean and his wife Linda have four children and 11 grandchildren and live in the Sacramento area. Dean loves travel, art, music, the classics, and history. Dean’s favorite hobbies are hiking, biking, tennis, golf and travel with his wife and posterity.

A note from Dean Forman:

I am co-founder and CEO of the John Adams Academies, an institution that is perhaps the most unique charter school system in America today. The Academies’ curriculum is designed to give its students an American Classical Leadership Education®. This is an education that pursues truth, beauty and goodness and turns its scholars outward in search of those whom they can serve in becoming servant leaders. This website is dedicated to sharing the concepts of an American Classical Leadership Education® with its readers so that more citizens can benefit from the truth, virtue and wisdom of the past. The thoughts and opinions I share on this all pages of this website are my personal views.