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Dean Forman built prospering schools to elevate young minds. How are thousands of our youth graduating with hope in a sea of crises? Learning and applying classical literature.


Not everyone can go to John Adams Academy. But we can bring John Adams Academy to you. Learn the principles of classical literature by following this blog.


This site seeks to elevate, liberate and motivate you in the principles of freedom.



This blog is for anyone who wishes to liberate their life, both young and old. You will find the wisdom of the ages with a modern application on personal, community, and policy issues that hold promise or peril in our lives.


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These themes aim to liberate your mind with education. Explore any that appeal to you.



Applying classic principles to modern issues

Meet Dean

L. Dean Forman, Ph.D. authored John Adams Academy, Leading a Revolution in Education a book sharing his personal and philanthropic journey in founding a school based on principles of an American Classical Leadership Education®. Informed and inspired by America’s unique role in
harmonizing classical educational ideas he founded John Adams Academy, a charter school focused on Restoring America’s Heritage by Developing Servant Leaders.

Ribbon cutting opening John Adams Academy campus


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