An Invitation to Build Heritage

What have you left undiscovered or undone? What is yours to do? We are never too old to create and build. What will be your gift to family, community, or America? I am convinced that nothing—absolutely nothing—will do more to improve the world in our day and the decades ahead than restoring America’s heritage through education. Nothing else will make as much impact for freedom or spread as much influence for good.

Examples to Emulate in The Patriotic Sequence

Where are the youthful John and Abigail Adams-level leaders for the 21st century right now? Who are they? How will they prepare? Who will guide them? Are they getting an education that is worthy of the challenges ahead for this nation and the world? The Patriotic Sequence is where such individuals are found and made. The pattern, in which we begin as pioneers and end as servant leaders and true citizens, is one from which we can all learn.

Pioneer to Patriot: Seasons of Growth

All journeys begin with an idea that produces a yearning and desire to improve our station. We see this throughout our history among the overwhelming number of immigrants—from the Pilgrims to current immigrants. If you were to ask those coming today why they are willing to make such a great change, at such high risk, the central themes would be economic opportunity, safety and prosperity. To be successful, most of the new pilgrims must learn English, gain an education, achieve a level of economic independence and become an asset to their community. It has been this way for centuries, and millions have successfully accomplished it—largely because of their own hard work combined with the many freedoms and opportunities they found waiting for them here in the American system. Together we are also, in this pattern of progress, part of a great brotherhood, one that stretches “from sea to shining sea,” promoting freedom and servant leadership to all people.

The Patriotic Sequence

“America! America! God shed his grace on thee And crown thy good with brotherhood From sea to shining sea!” —Katharine Lee Bates Some years ago I was teaching scholars at John Adams Academy about “America The Beautiful,” all the verses. During the instruction I had a personal epiphany about the words and pattern. This songContinue reading “The Patriotic Sequence”