Refuge, Remembrance, and Renewal

This past week has provided disturbing footage of refugees fleeing and defending their homes in Ukraine. At the same time that these images floated in the periphery, I happened to note that our three academies are now approaching 5,000 refugees on the waitlist to enroll– with a current population of 4,000 scholars already inhabiting theContinue reading “Refuge, Remembrance, and Renewal”

Is It Time for an American Rebirth?

Please enjoy a guest post written by Dr. Andrew D. Carico. Andrew is Headmaster at John Adams Academy in El Dorado Hills, California. He earned his Ph.D. in Political Science from Claremont Graduate University, and he has also written for Public Discourse, Law & Liberty, Starting Points Journal, and Claremont Review of Books. Dr. CaricoContinue reading “Is It Time for an American Rebirth?”

Rebirth of The Great Ideas: A Renaissance for 2022

Please enjoy this guest post written by Linda Forman. About the Author: Linda’s childhood was spent abroad with her family while her father built bridges, dams, power plants and transportation systems around the world. She cites the lessons learned about her fellow world citizens and their cultures as the greatest part of her education. Formally,Continue reading “Rebirth of The Great Ideas: A Renaissance for 2022”