The following are words of support for Dr. Forman’s efforts to bring about a revolution in education. Click on the name of each individual to read their full statement.

It is a privilege for me to write a recommendation for L. Dean Forman. I have known Dean for almost 40 years as a neighbor, business associate, colleague, and friend. I have not only known Dean but have been well acquainted with his wife and their children. Dean has great ability to get things done. He is bright, focused, and tenacious.  When he puts his mind to something it will happen. I have watched that with many business activities as well as personal goals and community activities.  

Bruce W. Stephenson

Dr. Tamara Bennett who serves as a board director of John Adams Academies, offers her support for Dr. Forman. Click here to view her video testimonial.

Dr. Tamara Bennett

Back in 2007 I was referred to Dean Forman by a friend. He accepted a volunteer position teaching our high schoolers. I was very impressed by his dedication and passion for America’s heritage.  He was so good with the kids. They loved him.

Father Lino Otero

And John Adams Academy, very simply, would not exist were it not for my colleague and friend Dean Forman and his lovely, stalwart wife Linda. The best way to illustrate the wisdom, character, love, and leadership of these extraordinary people is to tell the story of one family’s journey into the world of John Adams Academy. 

Geoff Bixler

What a pleasure it is to recommend Dr. Dean Forman for his amazing work in education. I have known Dean for over 20 years through business ventures, non-profit work and a personal friendship with him and his family. My youngest son was in the first graduating class of John Adams Academy and he is all theContinue reading “Jason Cardinet”

Jason Cardinet

More importantly, my wife and I have seen our children blossom in this model of education. They, like the founding generation, are building their own education on a foundation of liberty. Their mentors have inspired them to take ownership of their own education. Our elementary-age daughter has all summer long been asking for more math problems. Our high school scholar and her classmates organized their own Socratic discussions for their summer readings without any prompting. Our son refused to skip a day of school to ski because he did not want to miss participating in Socratic discussions in his class. Our daily evening meals have become discussion time where our children discuss the great ideas from their John Adams Academy classics.  

Joseph Benson

environment. I defer to their creativity and vision in the classroom that drives classic readings into today’s techno environment resulting in free thinking student leaders of today and tomorrow. 

Kevin Nagle

New York Times bestselling author and founder of the Thomas Jefferson Education (TJEd) education model and learning curriculum “If you’re not following his blog, you’re behind the curve.”

Oliver DeMille

When Dean talks about leading a revolution in education, he has utmost credibility, because he has personally done just that!

Paul Savage

Dean is a patriot! He loves the Principles of Freedom – from Natural Law to Unalienable Rights – and understands that a quality education is what makes and keeps people free. He’s a scholar and a mentor and a friend.

Roy R. Braatz

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