At This Moment: Let Them Be Little

Part of education is allowing our youngsters to discover, wonder and find joy. When adults use education to further their dysfunctional ideologies, children lose innocence. Children lose the chance to develop a natural moral excellence and a love for beauty and goodness. They lose the fleeting magic of just being able to be little. LetContinue reading “At This Moment: Let Them Be Little”

At This Moment: Natural Aristocracy

Why would we care about a monarch in the era of increasing democracies and mixed constitutional republics? The type of autocratic rule by one great monarch was challenged over time by barons and the Church of England, and these groups united against the monarchy. Together they wrote the extraordinary charter of rights known as Magna Carta to protect their rights as English freemen. This document became one of the types and shadows of our own Constitution and Bill of Rights.

One Year: Reflections on Leading a Revolution in Education

There’s a reason Leading a Revolution in Education starts with Plato’s Allegory of the Cave. It is the allegory for our lives. When Linda and I started out on our journey to open the first John Adams Academy, we found ourselves coming out of a cave. Over and over, my life’s journey has invited me to throw off the chains and darkness of ignorance and embrace greater knowledge and wisdom for greater liberty and ultimate freedom. Revolution in Education is my invitation to you to put yourself on the path out of your own cave.

At This Moment: Whose Education is This, Anyway?

Whose education is this anyway? Whose children are they? In a Chicago Tribune commentary piece, my good friend Daniel Coupland shares why we need choices in education.  He states a glaring problem: Most Americans know by now that K-12 teachers are underpaid, overworked and underappreciated, but few acknowledge the fact that they are also overregulated. Even now, teachersContinue reading “At This Moment: Whose Education is This, Anyway?”

At This Moment: When Greed Guides Science, Are Our Liberties at Stake?

Hillsdale College recently established an Academy for Freedom and Science “to educate the American people about the free exchange of scientific ideas and the proper relationship between freedom and science in the pursuit of truth.” The Academy will be led by national and international scholars and “will be a platform for free, reasoned, and civilContinue reading “At This Moment: When Greed Guides Science, Are Our Liberties at Stake?”