At This Moment: Whose Education is This, Anyway?

boys wearing face mask at school

Whose education is this anyway? Whose children are they?

In a Chicago Tribune commentary piece, my good friend Daniel Coupland shares why we need choices in education. 

He states a glaring problem:

Most Americans know by now that K-12 teachers are underpaidoverworked and underappreciated, but few acknowledge the fact that they are also overregulated. Even now, teachers are hamstrung by rigid, top-down mandates from government administrators and policymakers far removed from local schools and communities. 

Let’s legalize freedom with choice in education to liberate our country, state and schools from the grip of bureaucracy and mediocrity. “So what’s the solution?” my friend asks in the commentary. His solution is one word: “Freedom.”

I strongly recommend reading and sharing Daniel’s commentary found at this link.

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