The Transformation is Available to You As Well

The American Classical Leadership Education® employed at John Adams Academies was designed to transform the scholar. The model “liberates the scholar by enabling the scholar to discover truth. The scholar is invited to act on that truth and in the process grows in wisdom. It is by thoroughly engaging in the classics and by the examples of great mentors that a scholar is inspired to develop the virtue to do what is right. These are the necessary pillars for the cultivation of servant leadership of self-governing citizens who choose to serve, particularly in keeping and defending the principles of freedom throughout civil society.”

Last week we enjoyed an essay by a transformed scholar who is soon to graduate. I’d like to share some other examples of transformed scholars, in their own words describing their own experiences. But this time I invite you to ask yourself the following as you read:

Is the transformation being described something that I would like for myself? Am I past the point of being able to experience the same?

With those questions in mind, I’d love to share the following:

Sariah Jensen: “The main way John Adams Academy has changed me is by making me love classics. If I went to any other school I know that I would not have read any classics…I was trying to complete the 50 Harvard book challenge that was given my sophomore year. I got to about 30 books, sadly I will not be able to finish while still in high school. Most of those books were hard to read because I thought they were not that interesting, but in each book there would be something that was great and made it worth reading. All of the books that I have read for my classes have been life-changing, always making me think of something greater.”

Camilla Bergstrom: “Receiving a classical liberty-based education has changed my view on the world around me and has taught me the fundamental concepts to succeed in life; those are the pursuit for truth, wisdom, and virtue, and through it all prioritizing the embodiment of servant-leadership. Classical form of education carries with it the power to transform lives through the study of classics…I started to use my studies from my philosophy class and apply the lessons learned to my everyday life. I learned that all the great men in history, since ancient times, succeeded when they used their wisdom to follow the truth through virtuous actions… The pursuit of truth is a lifelong journey that is and will lead me to be a better citizen. Wisdom is also acquired over time. It has improved my self-governance and ability to decide in challenging situations. Additionally, it is wisdom and truth that promote a strong virtuous character. John Adams Academy has changed my mentality on education, politics, and what a good life looks like. Aside from growing intellectually, John Adams Academy has impacted my moral compass and allowed me to see a new purpose for my existence.”

Isabella Matson: “Through my classical education at John Adams, I have learned what good morals and virtues look like. I know what the foundation of my country is based upon and who it was founded by. I know the great philosophers that came before and am able to understand their arguments and logic. I used to believe that religion was not for me, but being here in this place has inspired me to research the different communities of religion in hopes that I will find one where I fit and restore my faith in God. I used to believe that there was such a thing as the perfect family or the perfect environment, but it is here I realized that neither of those things exist. It is through hard work and dedication that one can achieve a more ideal world, but the perfect world does not exist. I used to believe that the world was against me until I came here, gained a wonderful education, and stopped blaming the world for my problems. It is through this very education that I was able to battle my depression, as it showed me a world that is beautiful and the pieces that are not. It showed me that I have the ability and power to change.”

Clara Cammarota: “At John Adams Academy “my faith has become more concrete…Because of John Adam Academy’s classical approach to education, I do not believe I could be as firm in my faith as I am today. Learning from the great thinkers has helped me in a way that no matter where I go, I have the tools to be happy. Realizing that God is good and just has helped me to see that suffering is not a meaningless happenstance with effects that will linger forever. All things have a purpose and although we as humans might not see them, God in Heaven has a plan for all His creations. Everything happens for a reason and that is a comfort to me and to all people who have struggled.”

Valeria Cerna: “Throughout my years at John Adams, I have seen and experienced what it means to be a supportive classmate. When I took biology in my sophomore year, I struggled with understanding a few assignments. I reached out to my classmates and asked them for help. I will never forget how kind and caring they were toward helping me. I have found this to be a common theme no matter the class I am in: caring for the education of others. Everyone truly desires and contributes to the academic success of everyone else. The scholars at John Adams Academy create a positive environment by supporting each other.”

Just as the American Classical Leadership Education® was designed to transform the scholar, Revolution in Education has been designed to inspire you to transform yourself.

True, there are no teachers here to assign essays, homework or due dates. It is up to you to seek out the knowledge available to you and do the work of consuming, processing and applying the wisdom expressed by the greats from the past.

I promise that if you take this journey, you will find that you–like these exceptional scholars setting out to change the world after changing themselves– will scarcely be able to stop yourself from striving to transform your family, your community, and your country for the better through your service and your leadership.


Published by Dean Forman

I am co-founder and CEO of the John Adams Academies, an institution that is perhaps the most unique charter school system in America today. The Academies’ curriculum is designed to give its students an American Classical Leadership Education®. This is an education that pursues truth, beauty and goodness and turns its scholars outward in search of those whom they can serve in becoming servant leaders. This website is dedicated to sharing the concepts of an American Classical Leadership Education with its readers so that more citizens can benefit from the truth, virtue and wisdom of the past. The thoughts and opinions I share on this page are my personal views.

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  1. How refreshing to hear from such wonderful young people. Your school is truly changing lives.

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