The Anatomy of Peace

“Our fate is shaped from within ourselves outward, never from without inward.”   —Jacques Lusseyran I learned one of the most beautiful lessons of life while on a flight to Hawaii reading The Anatomy of Peace by The Arbinger Institute. Part of living life involves interacting with other people. People in communities often, perhaps inevitably,Continue reading “The Anatomy of Peace”

The Most Beautiful Thing I Learned as a Father

Years ago, my daughter fell in love with a young man whom she met during her summer break from college. I remember their relationship moving rather quickly and her talking about marriage. I counseled her at the time that she was not ready for that step, which did not go over too well. But inContinue reading “The Most Beautiful Thing I Learned as a Father”

The Magic Geranium and Becoming Something New by guest writer Linda Forman

As a child I thought geraniums were magic. A simple story helped me maintain the wonder.  It is Jane Thayer’s “The Magic Geranium.” Mrs. Smith lived in a drab little house with a drab little yard in the middle of a nice little street. Her house was the drabbest in the neighborhood, but she didContinue reading “The Magic Geranium and Becoming Something New by guest writer Linda Forman”

Live Another Life Through Books: The Power of Literature by guest writer Linda Forman

Books, particularly those classified as Classic Literature, are simply life selected and condensed into words. Most of our education comes through the experiences of others, and the greatest education is the awakening of the heart, and the arousing of the spirit.  It is by these processes that we add to our own stature and increase the dimensions of our own lives.  As Oliver Wendell Holmes pointed out, “A mind once stretched to a new idea never returns to its original dimensions.”

You, Not Them: Why a Commitment to Your Own Education is Critical

It is perhaps a widely accepted idea that most people hope their children will “do better than they did.” What if I told you that in education, that isn’t likely to happen? I don’t mean for this to discourage you. I mean for this to motivate you. My mentor, author Oliver DeMille, wrote in hisContinue reading “You, Not Them: Why a Commitment to Your Own Education is Critical”

The Good Life and Happiness

I found it interesting that some of the most popular courses on college campuses these days are those about finding the good life or happiness. They have become the most sought-after lectures with class sizes exceeding 1,000 or more. This suggests a population of young adults and a culture that is in search of thatContinue reading “The Good Life and Happiness”

Music of the Mind and Soul

In our chaotic and confused world, I have found one of the greatest refuges from the storms of life to be Classical music. Over the last two decades, Classical music has become a sanctuary for me because it represents order, beauty, and peace. When I have challenges or difficulties, perhaps like you, I often turnContinue reading “Music of the Mind and Soul”