Abraham Lincoln, Second Father of a Nation

As I left Illinois last week with my family, we stopped in Springfield to see the museum and home of Abraham Lincoln. As I soaked in the information and atmosphere, I was caught up in the magnanimity of the moments of sorrow and triumph in the life of this patriot. Lincoln’s bold actions saved a nation, thus becoming a second father to our country. That nation and its constitution continue to be beacons of freedom and liberty to the rest of the world.

A Statesman and a Patriot Guided by Principles and Providence: A Look at the Life of Ulysses S. Grant

Ulysses Grant is an example of a great statesman and patriot. He was someone who saw where the world was, where it needed to be, and then worked tirelessly to move forward the cause of ordered liberty. We need heroes, healers, and patriots today. Where will we find them? How will they be prepared to lead our communities and nation? 

Real Religion and Real Education Build Servant Leaders

As we observe a challenging world and a changing culture around us, I reflected this week on something I read years ago. It was a speech entitled “God is the Gardner” by Hugh B. Brown and it changed my life forever. In it he quoted Reverend Earl L. Riley of the First Baptist Church ofContinue reading “Real Religion and Real Education Build Servant Leaders”

America, God Shed His Grace on Thee

Any advancement we have made over the millennia is due in great part to the prodigious individuals of the founding era. They educated themselves in history, philosophy, and morality to discover and harmonize the principles of free government. Absent our doing the same we cannot and will not maintain the level of happiness we now enjoy.

The Declaration of Independence Today

The Declaration of Independence changed lives and ultimately created a nation. The American Colonists declared independence from the greatest power of that time, England. They proclaimed that all men were created equal and endowed by their creator with the unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. In today’s world, however, is itsContinue reading “The Declaration of Independence Today”

Lives, Fortunes, and Sacred Honor

As we soon head into the 4th of July, the most important holiday for the free world, we turn our attention to the mission statement of our country—the Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence is our birthright. It is our declaration of authority from the highest of all powers. It is the mission statement, vision, and outcome to the highest political end—liberty. The greatest test of good government is conformity to the principles of the highest of all legislators as Jefferson alludes to four times in the document: The Laws of Nature and “Nature’s God,” being endowed by the “Creator” with unalienable rights, appealing to the “Supreme Judge” for authority, and the protection of “divine Providence.” That is why, without hesitation, the Founders and their generation felt they could pledge their “Lives, Fortunes, and sacred Honor” to this Divine cause.

Have You Crafted Your Personal Constitution?

How do you decide what is a good use of your time? What is your mission to do that no one else can? What does life expect of you? Life is not responsible to you. You are the responsible party to life. A mission usually takes its form in the way of a statement. When based on truth and correct principles it informs and empowers your future. It becomes an expression of your center, or as Stephen R. Covey suggests, it can be the source of your security, guidance, wisdom and power. It is your vision and what you value. In short, it is your personal constitution.

Echoes of Graduation and Coronation

“P.S. I am highly pleased with your Declaration. God preserve the united States. We know the Race is not to the swift nor the Battle to the Strong. Do you not think an Angel rides in the Whirlwind and directs this Storm?” —John Page to Thomas Jefferson (July 20, 1776)  Last week was graduation week!Continue reading “Echoes of Graduation and Coronation”