Point of View: A Teacher of the Arts Answers the Question “What is the Point?”

Guest post by Greg Blankenbehler After the moving premiere performance of his sublime oratorio Messiah it is said that a spectator came up to George Frederic Handel and congratulated him on providing “a wonderful new entertainment” for the English public. Maestro Handel soberly replied, “I should be sorry if I only entertained them. I wishContinue reading “Point of View: A Teacher of the Arts Answers the Question “What is the Point?””

Beauty Armed With Virtue Bows the Soul

Where can we find beauty? Beauty is captured in the idea to restore what has been hollowed out, emptied by the ugliness that is also a part of this mortal experience. Beauty is also a marriage of the intellectual and moral virtue. Beauty fights off barbarism, and with so much conflict, crime and debauchery aroundContinue reading “Beauty Armed With Virtue Bows the Soul”

The Power to Make a Different Choice

Winter gave way to spring these last few weeks. Blooms, buds, and blossoms are everywhere. What is nature showing and telling you? Change is here! What will this new season offer you? What is or will be your new normal? We have a family couplet that goes like this. “If you always do what youContinue reading “The Power to Make a Different Choice”

A Twenty-First Century Renaissance

One day a little boy arrived at school, grabbed his crayons, and began thinking of all the things he could draw. The teacher asked him to pause and then said, “Today we will be drawing flowers.” Enthused, the boy thought of all the types of flowers there were. Just as he was about to beginContinue reading “A Twenty-First Century Renaissance”

Refuge, Remembrance, and Renewal

This past week has provided disturbing footage of refugees fleeing and defending their homes in Ukraine. At the same time that these images floated in the periphery, I happened to note that our three academies are now approaching 5,000 refugees on the waitlist to enroll– with a current population of 4,000 scholars already inhabiting theContinue reading “Refuge, Remembrance, and Renewal”

Is It Time for an American Rebirth?

Please enjoy a guest post written by Dr. Andrew D. Carico. Andrew is Headmaster at John Adams Academy in El Dorado Hills, California. He earned his Ph.D. in Political Science from Claremont Graduate University, and he has also written for Public Discourse, Law & Liberty, Starting Points Journal, and Claremont Review of Books. Dr. CaricoContinue reading “Is It Time for an American Rebirth?”